How do you like your VideoEgg?

VideoEgg is a rich media advertising network that is pretty new in Canada. Like any rich media ad they start out pretty standard, but as users mouse-over, they expand, launching a branded skin that fills the screen. The expanded ad serves anything from video to a full micro-site, right within the ad.

See it for yourself. Check out this pretty cool ad for the 2010 Volvo XC60


You can view an image gallery, watch videos of safety testing, commercials, and see vehicle features and specifications. You can link to the product brochure, or follow the Volvo XC60 on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. But the coolest part is that you can locate a Volvo dealership, right within the ad. You can do pretty much everything except take the car out for a test drive.

It’s no secret that digital is starting to take over the advertising industry. Not to discount traditional media, because in my opinion you need a solid mix of both. But this level of user engagement is no doubt where the industry is headed.

Another neat thing about VideoEgg is that they only charge per clicks, or per ‘engagement’, which is pretty low-risk for any new users.

So for those brands that aren’t online yet, you’d better take notice. Rich media allows brands to lead potential consumers through the sales cycle, right up until the decision to purchase. Who wouldn’t want to get in on that?

Post your thoughts, what do you think about the new age of advertising? Have any other cool new media stuff to share?



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