Playland advertising – So much fun you’ll vomit

This campaign for Playland, a local amusement park in Vancouver is a couple of years old, but I still love it. It was developed in 2007 and had won several advertising awards including a Silver Clio in 2008 for best product/service campaign.

Client: Playland Amusement Park

Agency: Rethink Vancouver

The concept is very unique, and the execution is adorable and excellent. The ads show stuffed animals (that you can actually win at the Playland Midway) that have made themselves so sick from going crazy on the Playland rides.

The idea of vomiting at an amusement park after going on too many rollercoasters is nothing new. And showing actual people being sick from all of the fun you can have at the park wouldn’t be very attractive. But when these prized stuffed animals go a little too crazy and end up throwing up their cotton insides, it’s just too much fun.

I’ve never been to Playland. I have no idea if the amusement park is any good. But this campaign makes it seem like a lot of fun, and I may even consider going next time I’m in Vancouver.

Big credit goes to Rethink Communications for keeping this campaign light and having a lot of fun with it. Afterall, it’s an amusement park, it wouldn’t work any other way.



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