Fun with copy – Mercedes vs. Canal+

Similar concept. Different execution. Which one do you think works better?

Contestant #1 – Mercedes

This ad by Mercedes was launched in Dubai a couple of years ago. The ad promotes the new Mercedes braking system as the most advanced in the world. The concept is that the words in the copy come to a full stop after each one; the copy is literally doing what it is talking about. The ad is clever and very simple, which is what makes it work.

Contestant #2 – Canal+

The second ad featured here is for Canal+, a premium pay television network in France. Their ad promotes that they have the best TV shows without any annoying commercial interruptions. In this concept, the main message of the ad is broken up with irrelevant words, which represent the commercial breaks. Again, the simplicity of the ad is what makes it work.

Both ads use the exact same concept, but execute it differently. They both work well in their own way. But are they too much the same? Personally, I lean more towards the creativity in the Canal+ ad just because the irrelevant words breaking up the message do a good job representing the stereotypical TV spots that we often ignore.

But has the concept just been recycled? And what about the irony of an ad for a TV network that promotes not showing ads?

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2 Responses to Fun with copy – Mercedes vs. Canal+

  1. sandraslavec says:

    I too prefer the Canal+ ad over the Mercedes ad. The full stops after each word in Mercedes ad are annoying when reading the copy. I found myself pausing after each word – point made! I find the Canal+ ad’s irony and execution amusing.

  2. danvertising says:

    Welcome to the site, and I agree. I think the Canal+ ad is more playful. They’ve had some fun with mocking the commercials that we often see on TV. It adds another dynamic to the ad, one where we can relate to it a little more.

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