Friday afternoon. Time for a beer.

In honour of Friday afternoon in the office, let’s get the weekend started a little early, shall we?

Here is a little spot from Bud Light (not a very good beer, but excellent advertising) that was supposed to air during the SuperBowl the year after the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction in 2004.

Of course, in typical political-correct, conservative, creativity-killing fashion that has become all too common in Western society culture, the ad was pulled at the last minute and did not air. Apparently the National Football League and Bud Light both got cold feet and decided not to risk a fine from the big bad Federal Communication Commission.

Afterall, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone right? We wouldn’t want to remind anyone of the oh-so awful incident that we all witnessed the year before. Thank goodness for the Internet. If you haven’t seen it already, here it is, the controversial Bud Light almost-SuperBowl commercial.

Bud Light – Wardrobe Malfunction

Not so bad, is it? I actually think it is quite fun and in perfectly good taste. There was going to be a giant awkward, pink-coloured elephant in the room anyways, why not call it out? But alas it wasn’t to be. But since we’re on the subject, here’s some more banned from TV Bud Light advertising.

Like I said earlier, thank goodness for the Internet.

Please, feel free to post your opinions below.

Stay classy.



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