Like the name of the post? I couldn’t help myself.

Have you ever been watching the TV on some local channel and come across some awful home-made ads that just make you cringe? Almost like a car wreck, they’re so bad you just can’t look away? Here are a few examples of some from the Toronto area. Oddly enough, they are all for jewellery buyers.

Russell Oliver – The Cash Man

Russell Oliver – The Loan Arranger

I couldn’t find a YouTube link for this one, but it’s for Harold the Jewellery Buyer. Just click here to view it. Quite possibly the worst acting job ever.

So have you seen these before? Got any more awful ads you’d like to add to the wall of shame? Let’s discuss below



5 Responses to BADvertising

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  2. Erik says:

    HAHA Oliver Cash is brilliant!

    Now, do you think going into the planning for the commercial they were trying to make it as bad as they could to create an online buzz?? If this was your typical jewellery commercial (which are in most cases, bad enough) it would not have received nearly as much attention.

  3. danvertising says:

    Hahah Erik that is a very interesting point. I wonder if that was their strategy all along… I call it the William Hung strategy:

    Be as bad as possible and people will notice.

  4. Sophia says:

    In light of the theme of pawn shop ads…..

  5. danvertising says:

    That is way too funny. Got to love the mullets on all of them. Way to stick with the theme too.

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