The best in condom advertising

Trying to find all of the YouTube links for the BADvertising post got a little depressing. You can only watch so much awful advertising in one day before going crazy.

So with the weekend winding down, here is one more post before heading back to work on Monday. What better way than to end the weekend on a fun note, how about the best in condom advertising.

This should be any agency’s favourite client. I mean with a product this much fun you’d have an open canvas to showcase your creativity.

Client: “We need to sell more condoms! We need to remind everybody that unprotected sex is bad!”

I could only imagine what some of the brainstorming sessions were like.

Let’s see what some of these agencies came up with.

Don’t Be Stupid.
Client: Condomshop
Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Zurich

1 Latex Condom. Extra Safe.

Doc Morris Pharmacies
Agency: Grey Worldwide, Düsseldorf, Germany


Client: Durex XXL
Agency: Moe Awsem (Might be a fake, but funny regardless)

Father’s Day
Client: Durex
Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa

So there we have the best in condom advertising. From comparing unprotected sex to going into a warzone completely naked. To stopping the next Hitler from being born. To a three-legged man. To a sarcastic reminder of why you’re celebrating Father’s Day.

I think my favourites would be the XXL Man for Durex, just because of it’s simplicity, or the Hitler/Bin Laden ads for Doc Morris Pharmacies. If you’re going to say unprotected sex is BAD, than you might as well blame everything EVIL on it as well. The Father’s Day ad is a lot of fun too, although it’s only really meant to work once a year.

Feel free to post your opinions. And if you’ve come across any other interesting condom advertising, be sure to share it below.

– danvertising



7 Responses to The best in condom advertising

  1. Mattd says:

    haha these are awesome. The next hitler/bin laden ads are genius and just going through with that concept makes it my favorite. The father’s day card really made me laugh, probably the most memorable for me. Plus, I like advertising that can hit the competition in a clever way. The first two, “don’t be stupid” are clever but forgetful for me. The xxl is classic but I’ve seen a lot of these variations for different products so, meh on my side.

    more sweet advertising please!

  2. danvertising says:

    Yah the fact that the client went through to execute with the next hitler/bin laden concept is great. You always get the best creative when clients are willing to take risks.

    I know what you’re saying about the “don’t be stupid” ones. They make their point and then they’re forgotten. Not as strong as some of the others. And yeah I love the tone in the father’s day one. That “we told you so” sarcastic tone… hilarious.

  3. Paul R says:

    The Durex ad makes it sound like being a Father is a bad thing. Too cynical to be effective and will definitely piss folks off.

  4. danvertising says:

    Welcome to the site 🙂

    I would think that for anybody actually using condoms, being a father would be a bad thing.

    I think that it works given that their target audience is single young men or children-less young men/women, who clearly aren’t planning on having children anytime soon.

    You’re right though, it certainly wouldn’t be effective for someone who is already a happy father.

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  6. durexcon says:

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