Huggies advertising – Poopface

Just a quick hit this morning. I saw these over at I Believe in Advertising and had to post them here for you to see. Apparently, Huggies invited parents to post pictures on Flickr of their babies making a ‘poopface’. They’ve compiled the best ones and created an advertising campaign out of it.

Huggies – Poopface
Campaign: Anytime. Anywhere.
Agency: Ogilvy, São Paulo, Brazil

Maybe I’m just immature, but I think these are hilarious. Good advertising too and the Flickr strategy is a great way of getting your audience involved in building the campaign.

What do you think?



3 Responses to Huggies advertising – Poopface

  1. Mattd says:

    haha so easy and simple. You can’t go wrong with babies. Speaking of babies, I just saw these ads last night. Thought it was some random video until I saw the end, soo good. My fav

    and also a good one:

  2. Mattd says:

    opps. here’s the second

  3. danvertising says:

    crazy CGI babies

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