The Beatles and Budweiser – New Commercial

The new Budweiser ad features a cover of The Beatles song “All Together Now”. The spot, shot from the view of a train passing through Chicago, shows people from the city coming together to spell out the song lyrics (covered by The Hours). They spell out the words “All Together Now” which is used as a tagline for the campaign.

Budweiser – All Together Now
Spot:  Lyrics
Agency: DDB London

The commercial is beautifully shot. And it is quite a departure from what Budweiser has done in the past.

The spot is more about the character of the brand, than the beer. I like this approach because to casual beer drinkers, being able to identify with the character of a beer is often more important in the decision-making process than the beer itself.

Certainly a step in a different direction than the clichéd guys + drinking beer = comedy. Thoughts?



4 Responses to The Beatles and Budweiser – New Commercial

  1. Mattd says:

    Oana likes it. “It’s a pretty sweet commercial.” It’s a nice commercial but made me cringe like it was for some communications company. It didn’t make me want a beer. But, out of all the beers, I’m surprised Bud did this. I still love my funny beer ads…You can’t go wrong with a boat and a fish…

    or my recent fav, a walk in closet:

  2. danvertising says:

    Yah the Heineken one is great! 🙂

  3. George says:

    Word of this commercial has finally reached Chicago. The reaction has been very positive. The opening shot of the Chicago skyline from the northwest is great. Standard shot of the skyline is from the lake. Then it shows the city as people live and work in it – in all its hard edged beauty (we REALLY like our city – it is very much like Toronto as many Torontans (?) say upon visiting). The commercial is shot from the Brown Line. Some UK stories call it a metro train. You would get funny looks in Chicago if you called it that. We have Metra commuter trains that run to the suburbs. But the Brown Line is an El train (short for elevated). Even when it runs underground, it it still an El. At some point, Budweiser will have to run this in the US. It is better than any of their Super Bowl commercials.

    • danvertising says:

      Thanks for the insight. It’s great to see the reaction from a Chicago perspective. I agree, they will have to run this in the US as it is indeed better than their Super Bowl ads. Let’s hope.

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