More changes for Pepsi

So finally starting to get settled in the new place. Thanks for your patience. Apparently a lot has happened since I’ve been semi-disconnected (got to love Wi-Fi) from the world. On Friday AdAge reported that PepsiCo. CMO of North American Beverages Dave Burwick was leaving the company.

The following quote is from AdAge, by PepsiCo CEO Massimo d’Amore:

“As CMO of North American Beverages, Dave shepherded the re-launch and re-branding of the entire Pepsi trademark while ushering in the ‘Refresh Everything’ campaign,” Massimo d’Amore, PepsiCo Americas Beverages CEO, said in a statement. “We regret to see him go, but we respect his desire to fulfill his career aspirations in general management elsewhere.”

So after re-launching and re-branding the Pepsi trademark, and after a reported 3% drop in sales in it’s second quarter, the man responsible for increasing PepsiCo. sales leaves the company.

So I ask, how long until Pepsi re-brands itself again?

– danvertising



2 Responses to More changes for Pepsi

  1. Dexter says:

    I really dislike the new branding. It looks so foreign to me. It seem like everything gets water-downed and simpler these days. I like it for websites and social media, from the crazy myspace to facebook. But for the most part it does take the fun out of things.

    I would go back at least for a special edition with the ’73 or ’91 logo and make a fun campaign. Everyone loves the 70’s so they could do something to re-experience how it was to drink pepsi then.

    Nice to have Danvertising back!
    I love seeing a new update in the box.

  2. danvertising says:

    You’re right, the ’73 and ’91 logos are what Pepsi is to me… When I think of Pepsi, those are the logos that come to mind.

    A retro-throwback would be nice. Smart too, to play off of the nostalgia that keeps Coca-Cola running. Pepsi has changed too many times.

    Here are a couple of funny links in regards to their new logo:

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