Part 2: Rubik’s Cube advertising

Yesterday’s Rubik’s Cube campaign was interesting enough for me to look at some of the other campaigns they have done. To my delight, they have done some pretty good work. After a little bit of research I came across this campaign for their 25th anniversary back in 2005.

25 Years And Still Going
Client: Rubik’s Cube
Agency: DDB, New Zealand

I really like this campaign. It ties the 25th anniversary in nicely with the impossibility and lengthy effort involved to actually solve a Rubik’s Cube. Much like yesterday’s campaign, it is also pleasantly disturbing. The advertising recognizes how frustrating the toy can be and plays into it, which makes it work. Nice, simple message executed in a creative way.

What do you think?

– danvertising



One Response to Part 2: Rubik’s Cube advertising

  1. Hey, i came across your blog on google and i think it’s awesome!

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