Main Drag Music is Born to Rock

maindraglogoHere’s a campaign for Main Drag Music, a music store in Brooklyn, New York that sells new and old music equipment. It is a pretty standard music store that has everything from guitars, amps, drums, bass, keyboards etc. They also do repairs, rent out rehearsal space and sell music lessons.

While their services are pretty standard, they do have a genuine hard rock attitude that comes across in the tone of the copy and the design of their web site. However the hard rock attitude is no more apparent than in their print campaign below.

Born To Rock
Agency: The Side Project NYC
Client: Main Drag Music

This kid is definitely born to rock. The campaign plays off of rock star stereotypes of sleeping around and doing drugs. Afterall, sex, drugs and rock and roll is the foundation of being a musician, isn’t it? Well, maybe not. But the campaign has attitude, and I like it because of it’s attitude.

Now obviously they’re not targeting children with this campaign, and I don’t think the parents would be too pleased if they were. But it does seem like they’re targeting new musicians, saying “you know you were born to rock, so come to us and we will help make it come true”. And for the already established musician, the campaign is consistent with the hard rock character of the store.

This is definitely the rock ‘n’ roll’ers music store.

What do you think of the campaign?



2 Responses to Main Drag Music is Born to Rock

  1. Matt says:

    haha those ads are amazing especially that first pic. So simple. I love the kids face in the first one, so content and happy. The second is great, I think parents wouldn’t really look close enough to get it so that good. Just for these I will visit this store if I’m ever in Brooklyn.

  2. […] concept is good and executed nicely. Maybe they could have had more fun with it though, like the Born to Rock campaign for Main Drag Music. What do you think of the […]

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