Alien vs. Predator – Best 2 out of 3

I found this pretty interesting campaign for the Sky TV channel in New Zealand. The network was debuting the Alien vs. Predator movie, so they hired an ad agency to come up with a print campaign to promote the screening.

It is Alien vs. Predator alright. Best two out of three!

Alien vs. Predator
Client: Sky TV
Agency: DDB, New Zealand




This campaign is hilarious. Definitely plays up the lighter side of a darker action/horror movie. It reminds me of that scene in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey where they battle the Grim Reaper in a best-of-seven contest to get out of going to Hell. Just for fun, check out that scene below:

What do you think of the campaign? Like it or dislike it? Post your comments below.

Have a good weekend.
– danvertising



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