Torontonians too cold for Molson?

Recently, Molson-Coors Canada put up billboards in British Columbia as part of their “Colder than…” campaign. The billboards aimed to poke fun at Torontonians by containing the headline “Colder than most people from Toronto”. Apparently this caused a lot of people in Toronto to complain about the billboards, and forced Molson to take them down.

A message from their spokes-person Ferg Devins via Twitter:

” Coors Light sincerely apologies to ANYONE who was offended by our Colder Than billboards in BC. We are removing ASAP.”

Colder Than…
Client: Molson Canada
Agency: DraftFCB, Toronto


Now, I live in Toronto and when I first heard of these billboards, I laughed. It is no secret that most major cities around the world have a reputation of being self-centred and maybe a little bit cold. Toronto is no different. Neither is Vancouver. Or New York for that matter. You don’t have to go far outside these cities to find out what kind of reputation it has.

What’s funny is that the ad campaign was developed by Toronto-based ad agency DraftFCB, and had nothing to do with anyone from British Columbia. If they have the ability to laugh at themselves, why can’t the rest of the City? I’m sure people in B.C. loved the ads. It is unfortunate that the billboards were offensive to others.

In related news:
Molson is in the middle of running a contest online inviting customers to submit their own “Colder than…” headlines through their mobile phones, with the winner’s line to be used in their actual advertising. Beer drinkers can now go onto and vote for their favourite headlines. Examples include “Colder than… A shower in prison” or “Colder than… A wet t-shirt contest in Winnipeg”.

Let’s hope whichever one wins doesn’t end up getting taken down as well.

I look forward to your opinions.
– danvertising



7 Responses to Torontonians too cold for Molson?

  1. Sophia says:

    What I think is funny is that Coors had complaints about the billboard from people prior to an article that ran in I believe the Globe and Mail or Post, and Coors was not going to remove it. It wasn’t until the article was written and more complaints came in that they removed it. Just shows that power of the media and how much they can have an impact.

  2. This is a very funny campaign – especially since it was created by a Toronto agency. But Toronto-cold beer doesn’t compare to New-York-frosty!

  3. danvertising says:

    Pressure from a major newspaper will certainly take down an ad quicker than from the general public. This story has been all over the web today.

    Mitch, I do find it very funny that the billboard was indeed created by a bunch of Torontonians.

  4. Matt says:

    Obviously complaining about it emphasizes the point. I don’t understand people that complain, so what. It’s going to be gone in a couple weeks anyways. The billboard says, “most” people. All you have to say to yourself is, “Hey, it’s not me.” It doesn’t directly target all of Toronto which is sneaky in my books, if it was “Colder then people in Toronto,” then complaining would be ok.

    • danvertising says:

      Good point Matt. It does say “most”. So not all people in Toronto are cold. No point in complaining. It’s too bad, because complaining enough to have the billboard taken down actually makes us Torontonians look cold anyways.

  5. Matt says:

    I really love how companies are taking risks these days instead of doing boring safe recycled ads.

  6. Heathcliff Martinez says:

    Well we also have to focus on the ethical considerations of Molson here. Toronto is surely one of the most multicultural cities in Canada. The demographic seems to be white beer drinking Canadians. As an immigrant to Canada, I am offended, even though I came from another country, I deserve the same rights – maybe even more rights since ive had it tougher than all of you canadians. I should get free money from the government and complain about people being racist to me all the time – oh wait that is what immigrants do all the time.

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