Unwanted product + 80’s love song = Trend or coincidence?

knorr_saltyI’ve noticed an increasing trend in a couple of new campaigns lately. Well, maybe it is nothing more than a coincidence, but it seems at least a couple of advertisers have caught on to this formula:

New and improved product makes old product irrelevant. Old product is sad. Cheesy 80’s love ballad plays while old product struggles to find it’s worth.

Both Swiffer Wetjet and Knorr Sidekicks have used this very similar concept. Trend? Or coincidence?

Swiffer Wetjet Cleans Better
Client: Swiffer
Agency: The Kaplan Thaler Group
80’s love song: Baby Come Back – Player (Actually 1977)

25% Less Sodium, Not Everyone’s Happy About It
Client: Knorr Sidekicks
Agency: DDB Toronto
80’s love song: How am I Supposed to Live Without You – Michael Bolton

Very similar, if not identical concept. Your old mop and salt shaker are no longer needed with the new Swiffer WetJet and sodium reduced Sidekicks. But they’re not going to go quietly. They’re going to sulk it out as the comedic soundtrack of bad love ballads plays behind them. But alas, it’s too late. They’ve been replaced.

However, both campaigns seem to work. Anyone I’ve spoken to seems to love both ads. Is it the humanizing of inferior products that makes these campaigns so funny? Or is it their bad taste in music?

Either way, I think this is nothing more than a coincidence. Two agencies that came to use a very similar but effective approach. Let’s see if anyone else jumps on to the love ballad train. What do you think?



5 Responses to Unwanted product + 80’s love song = Trend or coincidence?

  1. Sophia says:

    The salt shaker cries salt…brilliant. That is all.

  2. ryan says:

    Hahaa, I’d think the salt shaker would be happier about it. You’d figure the house hold purchaser might be interested by it’s lack of sodium—and associated health benefits—but would everyone in the family? Probably not.

    Really, they never mention the fact that the flavour has been improved… It could be like most diet products—half the bad, which actually made it good.

    While I like this spot, I’d really be interested in seeing it turned around; To see the shaker super excited, getting ready for a good time and extra love, only to be left aside because the product had all the flavour it needed, then crying salt (because I agree with @sophia). True you will loose the whole “what’s this about” curiosity in the intro.

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