Durex – The best in condom advertising – Part II

I would like to thank danvertising reader Matt for submitting the content of today’s blog post. If there are any other readers out there that would like to submit advertising to be discussed here, please feel free to post it in the comments section below or contact me through Twitter.

But back to today’s subject matter, here is a follow up to the previous post, The best in condom advertising.

The following is a collection of ads for every agency’s favourite client, Durex. As you can see in the creative, they are not afraid to take risks, push the envelope, and of course, have some fun.

Some of these are really good. My favourites would be the “Durex with knobs” or “Durex with ribs” ads, for their creative use of the streets. In terms of guerrilla marketing, they don’t jump out at you right away, however they won’t go unnoticed and will surely leave a lasting impression.

My other favourite is the “No Exit” ad with the maze. I think it is a really unique and creative idea for condom advertising.

What are your thoughts on these ads and which ones are your favourites? Are there other condom ads that you’ve seen that should be here? Post them below.



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