Audi vs. BMW – Advertising battle

Nothing like a good old fashioned advertising battle between two heated competitors. This time, we see two luxury car companies, Audi and BMW slugging it out on the streets of California.

Now these two have been at it before. Round one would have taken place in 2006, in a four-way battle with a series of print ads from BMW, Audi, Subaru and Bentley. See round one here.

But now we’re on to round two. It started out with Audi advertising their new Audi A4 with a billboard at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. The headline reads “your move BMW”, challenging their competitor to top their latest luxury car.

So, how did BMW respond? Let’s see:

Client: Santa Monica BMW
Agency: Juggernaut Advertising

That’s right, Audi. Checkmate.

I love that BMW went ahead with this. Not afraid to back down from the “chess” challenge from Audi. At the same time, clearly putting the ball back in Audi’s court. Now it’s up to them to respond, or else they look pretty stupid.

Of course, my personal favourite is still Bentley’s response to everyone:

Let’s wait and see what round three brings.



2 Responses to Audi vs. BMW – Advertising battle

  1. Matt says:

    I love it. Checking out round one really makes the Bentley that much more amazing. BMW checkmate, so good.

  2. TEI says:

    I am an Audi type 🙂

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