Pill poppin’ with Play-Doh

playDohWould you let your children play with razorblades? Pills? Matches? Of course not. Unless it’s made of Play-Doh right? Don’t worry, it’s safe no matter what they make. That’s the message in these disturbing Play-Doh ads from Singapore. They have been creating quite a bit of buzz.

Troubled children looking for a cry for help? Get creative with it. Use Play-Doh.

Check out the campaign below.

Safe no matter what you make




What do you think of these controversial ads? Safe for kids?

Post below.

– danvertising



2 Responses to Pill poppin’ with Play-Doh

  1. Sonja says:

    It may be a shocker, but, come to think of it, it’s actually damn good. It might not be a good idea to let your kid examine this ad, but for you as a parent, it gets you thinking – about the dangers children are so easily susceptible to, and, at the same time, the ad still succeeds to promote the product.

  2. […]  [Image credit to danvertising] […]

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