Coca-Cola Zero – Ads get weirder and weirder

Is it just me, or do Coca-Cola ads keep getting weirder and weirder? Taking into consideration that they need to be on the leading-edge in marketing, and that they have different agencies working on different spots all over the world, they just keep getting more and more out there.

Today’s commercial is from Argentina. Maybe it works over there, and probably would never run in Canada. I don’t know.

Coke Zero: Happy Kingdom
Agency: Ogilvy, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Client: Coca-Cola

Having so many different agencies competing against each other for your business could be a blessing. You most likely end up with the best creative product. But at what point does the creative take over, and just stop making sense? It seems like every new Coke ad is trying to outdo the one before it. And all the audience gets is jumbled nonsense.

By comparison, here is the just-as-weird-but-somewhat-makes-sense campaign that is running in Canada:

Coke Zero: Brain
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam
Client: Coca-Cola

Maybe it’s just me. What do you think of the two campaigns?
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One Response to Coca-Cola Zero – Ads get weirder and weirder

  1. Matt says:

    i agree, both are gay fish. there wasn’t a moment when i craved a coke in there. filming a can being opened with the amazing pisssttt sound wins any day over that crap.

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