Who are you when you drink?

Here is an interesting commercial from a Swedish website that allows you to take a test to find out “who you are when you drink”. I’ve posted about a similar campaign before about “how much you spend on cigarettes” and was surprised at the negative reactions around the anti-smoking campaign. Now this commercial below, meant to promote the web site tells the honest truth about overconsumption of alcohol.

Who Are You When You Drink?
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Client: IQ.com

I think it is a really good commercial. At times it is really funny. At other times it is just sad and depressing. Those drunks that fall asleep in their food, alone, at 4:30AM don’t want to believe that that’s the kind of person they are when they drink. So in this regard, the campaign does a good job of being honest, and telling it like it is. At the same time, for the most part, the spot is very entertaining.

I’m sure there are other categories of “drunk” that cannot all be told in a 60-second spot. The web site itself is Swedish so it’s hard to see how well the campaign works online.

But in terms of alcohol-awareness, what I like about the commercial is that it doesn’t tell you what to do. It doesn’t say, drinking is bad, don’t do it, which is a common pitfall for most alcohol-related commercials. That approach is tired, and has proven to not connect to the audience. Meanwhile, this approach is fresh and connects to each individual watching it, wondering which kind of drunk they fall under.

What are your thoughts?



2 Responses to Who are you when you drink?

  1. hawmedia says:

    I find it compelling and really well done. Even the somewhat quirky folk song is endearing.

    I think you’re right: it is not judgmental or proselytizing. It simply documents and that is what makes it so effective.

    Cheers. Nice site btw…

    • danvertising says:

      Hi there, welcome to the site and thank you for your comment. I agree, it documents the effects of over-consumption of alcohol and let’s the viewer draw their own conclusions. This is what make it effective and entertaining at the same time. Very interesting approach.

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