Is this really going to help GM?

After General Motors’ financial bailout, they went through a reorganization process, eliminating their weaker brands and focusing on the strong ones. Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac. Now, they’re offering a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, straight from the mouth of the new Chairman Ed Whitacre. Check it out.

May the Best Car Win
Agency: McCann, Detroit
Client: General Motors

Now I don’t know if the 60-day satisfaction guarantee is going to work for them or not. It could quite easily backfire in their face, as let’s face it, GM model’s haven’t exactly been the most reliable cars in the market. But let’s focus on the ad itself. Who the hell is Ed Whitacre, and why should I care? In my opinion, this ad falls flat for two reasons.

  1. Ed Whitacre has about zero charisma. He looks like he is being propped up by strings and reading off of a cue card for 60-seconds. Not exactly a strong sell.
  2. He looks like the typical rich, Wall Street guy or sleazy politician that got GM and the automotive industry into this mess in the first place.

The ad has zero emotion and doesn’t inspire any confidence in General Motors. Especially now, since the American people are financially on the hook for GM’s “reinvention“, don’t expect any sympathy. Maybe I’m being too superficial, judging General Motors and their brands on the looks of their new Chairman. But then again, in the automotive industry, and especially the advertising industry… perception is reality.

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3 Responses to Is this really going to help GM?

  1. Matt says:

    I couldn’t of said it better. Doing an ad with your CEO or anyone in the company is about the most desperate thing you can do.

    I don’t want to know that GM’s CEO is that old and could die next week.

  2. danvertising says:


    And I’m sure he is a very capable and qualified CEO. But don’t put him in your commercials. Just an awful idea in my opinion.

  3. Sophia says:

    And he sounds like is from the back woods of some hick town. Someone like that just seems so far removed from the world and what is happening outside their bubble, that it would not make me have faith in them….yes, I own a Saturn ahahah

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