Georges Laraque in sexist TV commercial

Montreal Canadiens tough-guy Georges Laraque, is in the middle of a controversy after appearing in a television commercial for an alcoholic energy drink called Octane 7.0. The ad has been labeled as sexist as it is nothing but women in tight outfits stretching and playing road hockey for 60-seconds.

Laraque has apologized for the commercial, saying he should never have done the ad, and is sorry if he offended anyone. Watch the commercial below:

Octane 7.0
Client: Blue Spike Beverages

Now if you know anything about Georges Laraque you would know his intention was not to offend anyone. I do feel sorry that he had to get caught up in this. He is the exact opposite of his tough-guy persona on the ice. He is a vegan who supports animal-rights groups, battered-women shelters, Boys & Girls Clubs and has been involved in the Hockey in the Hood inner-city hockey program, in the past. He even won the King Clancy NHL award for his contributions to his community.

Which kind of makes you wonder, what the hell was he thinking?

Not only are NHL players not allowed to publicly support alcoholic beverages, which this drink is and Laraque could face additional fines from the league, the commercial is just bad. It is purely based on the notion that “sex sells” and there is no other message. Maybe something like this could have worked in the 1950’s or 60’s, but in today’s society, not only does the advertising not work, but it will get you in a heap of trouble.

An honourable mention also must go to Laraque’s “spin-o-rama” move in the commercial. I’ve never seen him display skills like that in an NHL game.

What are your thoughts on the ad?



3 Responses to Georges Laraque in sexist TV commercial

  1. Nacho says:


    “I’ve never seen him display skills like that in an NHL game.” haha awesome. Stupid commercial but nice slow motion there.

    Sure sexist but the girls in the commercial agreed to do it and probably had heaps of fun (as it seems) I never get those comments, don’t the girls in the ad get a say whether it’s sexist?

    So he’s getting in trouble more for the alcoholic or the girls?

    I’m sure Rocket Richard had a couple drinks before a big game back in the day.

    • danvertising says:

      That is a good point. The girls surely do consent to being in the commercial. They knew what kind of role it would be. Which makes you wonder, if they are comfortable with it than it can’t be sexist, right? They’re not being forced to doing it. Equal rights is all about women being able to make their own decisions. Just because some women don’t agree with those decisions doesn’t make it sexist. Very good point.

      As for the alcohol… Hockey players drink beer all the time. No doubt. But as public figures/role models they can’t be seen ‘promoting’ it.

  2. Great posting, thanks a lot!

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