The great Canadian car “chase”

October 14, 2009

Here is a good spot by Midas, a Canadian auto shop that specializes in tires, brakes and repairs. It is a mock news report about a police chase in Canada. The commercial is about a year old, but it is still running. I remember how much I liked it last year, and saw it again recently and thought I’d post it here.

Not much can be said about the spot, it pretty much speaks for itself. Check it out below.

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World Wildlife Fund hijacked

September 3, 2009

So I first saw this ad for the World Wildlife Fund a couple of days ago and thought, what the majority of people thought, that it was tasteless and will no doubt upset a lot of people. However when I first saw it I had no idea it would create the attention that it has.

With information being so accessible on the Internet, it’s no surprise that it took a couple of days before the traditional media caught wind of it. But despite the World Wildlife Fund’s best efforts to separate themselves from the ad, it has brought them significant negative publicity, being discussed on major media networks such as CBC and NBC.

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